How to draw a high-speed rail



How to draw a high-speed rail, there is no online tutorial for this part, please ask for a tutorial

What have you tried?

There are a LOT of things which you can do with Dynamo and don’t have a tutorial. So many that it isn’t feasible to expect a tutorial for all of them. Instead of asking for a ‘how to’ on each thing you want to attempt, try building atop content which is already out there. Ask yourself how you would do this in base Civil 3D without any automation. Write each step of that process down. Once you map out those steps and then start to look at what portions of the process you can do with Dynamo, and automate those. Then start to bridge the gap between each step in the process and join graphs together.

As you building those routines, feel free to ask for assistance, but always include what work you’ve attempted to date (including the base DWG files and your DYNs so that the people who are trying to help you don’t have to start from nothing, and don’t have to make assumptions around stuff like units or naming conventions).