How to divide curve by level

Hi everyone,

Any idea how to divide curve by levels? I would create reference points on curve with z coordinates aligned to Levels

Other question : How to create multi Levels with dynamo? We must now type the level’s name, how generate multi name of Level?


Thanks you

I'm going to check that!

You can use a bit of Python to extract the height from a level:

Great job,It works fine!

I'm now trying to comput the both files (I stick to my first idea, not without difficulties...).

Does it exist a way to extract coordinates XYZ from Level node?

No, the number node is just the normal built-in number node. If you enter the correct syntax Dynamo will generate those inputs for you. Have a look here:

I installed the latest Dynamo's build 0.62 to get Lunchbox and Normalization in the package manager. But in this version, I can't find these number nodes you use. Must I download others packages to get them?

Thanks you so much Andreas,

I couldn't have found it alone. I'm going to try this.

Here's how you would create consecutively named levels:

BTW: There are two custom nodes in this solution. You will need to install the packages LunchBox and Normalization.