How to cut void in loft

Please see attached my graph, how can i change the script to add hole in the middle by specifying some radius ?

Thanks for your help.

Make a solid for the ‘void’ form, and subtract the void form from the solid with a Solid.Difference node or a Solid.DifferenceAll node.

Thanks for your reply, I created solid to cut void . No error in script but cant see any void cutting ??
Not sure whats wrong. any idea ?

Disable all the geometry preview until the solid.difference node.

I’m not sure whats wrong, still cant see. would you mind to check this graph ?Create Solid by Loft.dyn (36.3 KB)

I’m at a conference till the weekend - I’ll try to look into this before then, but in the meantime select all nodes on the canvas, right click the background, and select ‘disable all geometry preview’, then right click on the geometry.difference node and select ‘preview’.