How to create a unique filter for every element in a model?

Hi, I work at a precast concrete factory and we have recently started using a colourimeter to gather actual colour data on the walls we produce. I am try to take this data and project it into Revit.
To do this I have used dynamo to create a unique filter for every wall on the project, which has worked however… I need each filer to check for one Mark value per filter, yet what I have made checks for all mark values in every filter.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi, and welcome,
I see the issue, but I am not sure what to answer as the end goal is not clear and I am pretty sure it is not the right strategy anyway. When you end up creating thousands of filter, there is probably a bettter way to achieve what you are trying to achieve and sometimes directly with Revit or one of its free plugins.
So, please, describe the end goal.

  • you have color data for each wall,
  • you wrote that data in the Mark parameter
  • but what for in the end? identify each wall that does carry a different color value/Mark?

The mark parameter is simply used as a unique reference for each wall.
I have found 3 un-used parameters for the walls and have imported the R, G and B values into the project and am using the color.byARGB function to override the graphics settings.
As every wall will be a slightly different colour I thought I would need to create a different filter for each wall to colour in each wall. Hope this makes sense I have attached the full dynamo script.

Ok, got you.

  1. a note on the graph:

  2. if the purpose is to color each wall with a non-specific colour in a 3D view, the color splasher or diRoots 's Onefilter will let you give a random colour to items based on a psecific value in a parameter, let that be the Mark or whatever you want. Better, faster and stronger process

  3. if you need a specific colour to be applied, then Dynamo is a good match and your script is the way to go,

    • you don’t need to create filter for each wall mark or param, you could just override per element instead with the OverrideInView node Override in view

Just tried this and it has worked perfectly! thank you

all walls are slightly different colours