How to create a point that is a fixed distance from then end point of a line that is normal to a surface

Hello, I would like to add a point to my graph so that I can draw a line connecting the endpoint of my normal line that follows my surface to another point that inherits some traits but not all of the point that it is following. My image below might explain it better but essentially, I want the new line to be a fixed length, meaning that the New point will trail my created end point (shown on the graph) as I dynamically update my sliders. However the point must be a fixed distance in the Z direction, and only travel parallel to the green axis in my picture. Does that make sense?

Try this.Should work for you. It has more options than what you are looking for but you can just not adjust the other sliders.

Im trying what you suggested but I am not getting anything to show up. I dont see a new point. What am I doing wrong?

Was it able to find the point by UV?

@mix See if this helps
PointFollow.dyn (19.0 KB)

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Ok sorry I thought this was the solution but it is not. The trailing point needs to have a constant Z value that parallels the slope of the plane that the surface is on, not the surface itself so that when I drag my isogrids number sliders, the point should not oscillate up and down in the z axis to mimic the curvy surface but should just run parallel to the plane that the surface is on. Does that make sense? so theoretically at some points the lower point could actually have a higher Z value than the trailing point.