How to create a cosine surface within a jagged egde perimeter polycurve?

I have create two cosine curves withing an jagged egde perimeter polycurve. In other software it is possible to create a patched surface by selecting both cosine curves and the perimeter curve. I haven’t seen a node that addresses this. I’ve tried several methods (loft, revolve, tspline move vertices) but non really gave the correct results. Is there a method/node/package to achieve this?

This reminded me when I was playing with conceptual masses a while back. See if you can figure it out.

imageMassSurfacewithReferencePoints2.dyn (518.1 KB)

I hope it helps…


It all depends on how you want your geometry to turn out. You will likely have to give Dynamo more information so it better understands what you’re trying to do.

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The surface should be a smooth “dome” shaped surface which connects tightly to the boundary curve. If you would do this in Inventor for example, you can select both cosine curves and the boundary polycurve. Inventor creates a smooth surface based on those three curves. Rhino uses a similar technique by selecting the patch commando followed by selecting all three curves, resulting in a draped surface…


I tried lofting or revolving the curves and using the boundary to cut the surface, however this method creates gaps at the edges.

I’ve recreated the form in Rhino.

A smooth surface similar to this one is my goal