How to create a component like, "Select Family Type"


I’m new to Dynamo but not to the API. One component I want to create would populate a combobox with all the possible Types a family parameter can be (i.e. Text, Number, Length, ect…). I’m sure I can do it with Python and populate a List but I wanted to see if I can create a component similar to: “Select Family Type”. Is this possible?

Select Family Type






category node

in the 6.3

look here

Hi Dan, yes it is. There’s some info on how to get started coding your own nodes for Dynamo on the wiki (, although it might be outdated - not sure. I guess if you get stuck you can always create a new issue on the GitHub site and hopefully one of the devs can help.

Thanks for the quick replies. Jean-Marc, I’m not sure how the Category node helps, I’m not trying to get family categories. I’m trying to get the below list (The ParamererType Enum) Andreas, I’ll look at the link you sent.



get parameter node

string = Length

be more explicit on what you want to achieve please