How to creat geometry in dynamo with some input?

how can i script the following simple geometry (a concrete floor on piles)

(top view of the floor)

• floor length 4m
• floor width 4m
• floor thickness 0,2m

• The distance between the centre of the piles: 2m 

• pile dimensions: 0,25m * 0,25m
• Pile length: 10m 

The geomtrie will be something like this: a 3d concrete floor on piles 


@zzakaryae ,

here is some raff idea… you can modify the script!

createRaffIdea.dyn (52.1 KB)

@Draxl_Andreas thanks for your answer. the piles should be under the floor. so from 0 to -10m en not from 0 tot 10m. how can modife it?

@zzakaryae ,

i give you a hint… :wink:

modifiy your levels

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hey @Draxl_Andreas,
can i get the dynamo model of yout script if possible?

@zzakaryae ,

just rebuild the currend graph… as you can see in the pics… :slight_smile:

“I can show you the path…BUT” :wink:



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