How to color panels by image file

In response to the tweet: “Trying to recolor curtain wall panels by image file and have no idea how to affect the list sequence. Help, @DynamoBIM ! #DynamoBIM

Find an example file here that maps colors from an image file to the panels on a facade. Note that this is overriding the color in the Revit view, however, not changing the element properties.



One of the issues that comes up with Curtain System Panels is that the list of panels is not usually “in order”, not neatly in rows and columns. I just uploaded CurtainPanel.Sort to the package manager. You can pass it a flat disorganized list of Panels (curtain system panels, not curtain panel by Pattern) and it will return the panels organized by row and column.



So… how do we change the element properties :slight_smile:

Other than sorting by color/material and writing to corresponding family types (if material is a type property).

Or use the Grimshaw Change Family Type custom node to swap them out selectively.

Or define the material palette and then create a shared material instance parameter for the panel family type - then I could write from Dynamo by calling out the material type names.

Any other ways?

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Care to post the Node Colin? :slight_smile:

Works like a charm :slight_smile: thanks



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Is it possible to apply this override on other divided patterns. I want to use this on a 1/2 step pattern.

thank you very much!

hi guys can i know the packages use used to run the script panels.

There are a few packages you can use. One of them is Ampersand.