How to collect only windows acting on a space

Hi everyone,

I am running into an issue collecting windows that are acting on a space. In the image below, the red outline is one space and I am using the GetSurroundingElementsInDocument node with a tolerance of 0 but it is still including the window in the blue circle in the space. Does this node use a bounding box with min and max point to define its region? Is there a way to exclude that window from the space?

Thank you!

I believe that clockwork has a Room.Windows node that will pull these for you. You may need to enable room calculation points on your windows if that isn’t already the case.

In this project I am specifically working with spaces and I haven’t been able to find any packages that work with spaces, do you know if there is a similar node for spaces?

I read one of your threads from 2017 where you suggested getting a point of the windows using the element.location node and translating it inwards, which I have done. Unfortunately I don’t have the Python skills to implement the method you mentioned called Point.IsInSpace.

Ah! I missed that you were using spaces. Can you provide an RVT so I can look into options? Building the Revit model with the spaces and matching windows to what you may be using could take as long as building the dyn (often its longer).

Hi Jacob,

I am just double checking to see if I may share this model, could you provide me with an E-mail address I could send it too if possible?

Not to worry, I managed to solve it. Most likely not the most elegant method, but it works!
Thanks for your willingness.

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