How to calculate number of items in a list?

I would like to calculate number of items in a list after splitting them to groups.

For example, from the script above I would like to have a value of 5, 2 and 6 respectively. Which node should I use in order to achieve that? Thanks in advance.


You can use Element.Count.



Thanks for the prompt reply, however, I am unable to find Element.Count, it is currently not in my list of nodes, where can I download it?


sorry, list.count :slight_smile:

DesignScript also works!

Here is the same as @Draxl_Andreas ,just with list create before count;) the result the same :wink:

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List.Count returns value as 1, 1, 1.

Here is a more elaborate screenshot of the script. Sorry for the dumb questions, as I am very new to Dynamo.

get deeper in the list level or set inbetween flatten

Thanks! Flattening helps! Really appreciate your help. Cheers!