How to add brackets to Rebar Dimensions

I know you have been kind to offer tips and assistance to me via Dynamo forum in the past year.

I am trying to attempt, what l believe should be simple to achieve within Revit via Dynamo, but my limited experience of Dynamo is preventing me move forward.

I am trying to display / assign ( ) about certain reinforcement bar dimensions, depending upon the prevailing shape code, i.e. shape code 51 U.K., would have its β€˜C’ dimensions technically annotated upon the schedule as (130) for example and a shape code 11 U.K., would have its β€˜B’ dimensions shown thus (400) for example.

I have managed the following as per the attachment. Where l am identifying all reinforcement present and such bars A, B, C, D & E dimensions.

Knowing the dimensions and in particular the shape code, for a given shape code and a value could be assigned to an appropriate parameter inclusive of the required brackets, which in turn could be called up on the schedule and therefore the reinforcement schedule look correct as per the usual U.K. convention.

If you have any thoughts on resolving just part of this and l can do the rest, it would be appreciated.

btw, there is no attchment.

I don’t understand your task description. Do you want to adjust a paramter by a rule based modification depending on the type of shape code?

it would be helpful to see the existing data as lists and what you would like expect to see

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