How does Revit place exported views in model space when exporting to DWG?

This might not be the best place to ask this question, but I’m trying to make a graph that exports views of a family to dwg, and I’m trying to figure out if I can control how the views are placed in model space in the dwg file. My question is, does anyone know what rules Revit follows to place views in model space?

Previously I thought Revit placed the views left to right in alphabetical order and views of the same type (I.E: sections, elevations, plans) are grouped together with Plans being first and elevations next (idk what order the other view types come in). In other words; plans first in alphabetical order, elevations next in alphabetical order, etc. But the views I’m working with now are all section views, and Revit doesn’t seem to care about them being in alphabetical order. It almost seems like it sorts them by where the view is in 3D space.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this that could help me? Thanks!

Put a box object in Revit where you know its location. Then look at where everything is written inside AutoCAD.