How Does End User Interact? (SIAP)

I am creating a routine that solves worksharing naming. I have created the appropriate workflow for the task, but how do I get the end user to “launch” it? Do they need to open Dynamo to do so?

Hi Christopher.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Yes, unless you use some third party plugin like DynoBrowser, which allow end users to run dynamo files without opening dynamo. However, dynamo must be installed.

That worked perfectly! Thank you!

Here you have a workflow and a set of three nodes I have recently uploaded to help creating the .json configuration file, which I have found a bit hard to write manually with my limited programing knowledge.




Hi Miguel,

If you speak spanish tell me please. I’m using the DynoBrowser for my scripts, but I don’t know if I can or I can’t figure how to do, if the script has a node which selects a Revit element for instance. (Select Model Element) Is Dyno able to ask the User to select the element?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I hadn’t experimented with user selection capabilities of DynoBrowser. I have not played with dyno for a while, however.
(Yes, I speak spanish, but public posting in this forum should be done in English to keep it international. PM in spanish if you need to.)