How do I use Dynamo to locate and DELETE imported dwg's?

Think there is one node from Plissken package.

Here’s another way using bimorphNodes and Archi-lab:


Thanks for the prompt feedback! Thomas, i got my screen to show what you posted, now how to do go about deleting the imported dwg’s. Sorry to be so picky, i just started using Dynamo today! Thanks a million

Also, I would be fine with it deleting ALL imported CAD dwg’s. But if its possible to sort through them and delete selectively, this would also be great to know! Thanks

The script above will in fact delete them all. To be selective go through and review the elements by clicking on the Element Id (green number) in a watch node wired to the lower output of the Bimorph.ReportCadLinks node. This should bring you to a view where you can see them. If not use a select by ID command in Revit and type the green number one by one in there. Once you see it you can choose to delete them manually or to skip them.

Use @Data-Shapes to make them selectively available :wink:

@JacobSmall @Thomas_Mahon
Is there anyway you can review my screen shot and let me know where I should go from this stage to delete any or ALL of the imports? Please be as descriptive as possible :slightly_smiling_face:
I tried to input the element ID into Revit and it stated the ID couldn’t be found, yet when i went into a 3D view and typed VG, i still saw all of my imported Dwgs still there, did I miss something?

Try switching the boolean node so the ReportCADLinks node refreshes and output an empty list if the imports have been successfully deleted.

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Is there any way you can show me what you mean?
Any help is appreciated!!!

I already have in my first post. When you connect the CADImports output from the ReportCADLinks node into the Element.Delete node, it deletes the Imports. Simple as that. The only other thing I can think of that might be tripping you up is your Dynamo execution mode - check bottom left of the interface. If the button states “Manual” then you need to click the Run button to see any change to the graph.

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Thomas, i got it sir, thank you for your patience, i misunderstood your previous comment “Try switching the boolean node” i thought you meant disconnect it and reconnect it.

I actually think you meant to toggle between true and false (on the boolean node) and once i toggled it to true and pressed run and then toggled back to false and hit run, it displayed no imports found…hooray

This however still does not delete the imported dwg’s. The final step however is very straightforward, just run Purge Unused again, and you will notice that your dwg’s are living here, and hit OK


Glad you found the solution. Can you mark the right post as the solution so others can refer to it in the future? Thanks!

Hi everyone, I have been following this and trying to get this to work but am falling at the first hurdle. I cannot seem to find the 'bimorph.reportCADlinks node. I am using Dynamo 1.2.1 on Revit 2015. Would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks

This is in the bimorph package which can be found in the package manager by searching bimorph


After finding all imported DWG-Files, I need two different List:

  • first one of unused DWG-Files
  • second one with the imported DWG-Files they use in a view

First List to delete all unused DWG-Files in Project

Second List to report the User, where they placed DWG-Files (with DataShapes, thats so cool). Because we need to replace them with a spezific family later.

I use the newest version of bimorphNodes(2.2.2), the node “CAD.ReportInstances” get me all "ImportInstance", but how can I find the views where they located?

Hi @Heinrich_Boldt,

You can try this:


Thanks for sharing Thomas.
I tried to do the same but ran into this error. Does anyone know how I might correct it?

Hi @daniel.tran have you verified if the path is correct? You will also need to include the file name and its extension: myfamily.rvf

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yes thank you. i switched to the file path node now which grabs the rvt extension. however, I’m not able to generate the detailed lists like you do that mentions ‘view specific’ and other statuses. It just lists “dictionary” and the element ID #s. Do you know how I can generate the same detailed list that you did?

@daniel.tran this is a bug in Dynamo V2.0 unfortunately. If any nodes have [] in the name of their output ports, it prevents the nodes watch window from displaying anything. The only option is to remove these characters. I’ve reported this on the Dynamo GitHub a while back but it doesn’t look likely much will change - I’ll instead publish an update to BimorphNodes over the next few days and just remove the characters, but its a bit of nuisance really since they indicate to the user the expected list structure. cc @Michael_Kirschner2.

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