How do I import multipel dwg into Dynamo

I like to import the geomerty and layers of multiple DWG into dynamo. I hold push the geomerty through an equation and generating a new geomerty for each loaded dwg puching them back out into seperate dwg again.

So how do I do step 1. import the geomerty of layers of multiple dwgs?

I dont think thereis a way to,check this post.

But wait look here too…!

Hi there were a lot of nice things there but the marco did not work

As you see I used the CVS file but it adds a . in the end and it can’t create a link

Could you email me the CSV file you used? I’ll take a look. My email is michael at archsmarter dot com.

hi can you tell me plz where did you find this nodes:

  1. file loader. from path
  2. file import to object
  3. imported object . convert to geometric