How can show Dialog value by Dynamo?

I want to check the exact value of dimension. Although I got the value of dimension, but I cannot show these in the dialog.

Hi @minhson.nguyen.8x

Could you please be more specific here. May be a screenshot showing your end goal.

Hi @Kulkul

It just shows the exact dimension like this

If this dimension has one, show one; has three, four, … show three, four, … with break line.
If the number has decimal it will show 14100.1561516

Beside that, I use convert unit to change between system unit (feet) to metric unit. I think it will have decimal sometimes. How can it get directly the metric unit.


@minhson.nguyen.8x I just added a taskdialog component to this package as I thought it could be useful.

You can also make your own with the TaskDialog Class or make one from scratch using winforms or wpf if you want 100% customization.

In it’s simplest form, using the TaskDialog + python, would look something like this:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.UI import TaskDialog

dialog = TaskDialog('Your Title')
dialog.MainInstruction = 'Alert Heading'
dialog.MainContent = 'Alert Message'

@minhson.nguyen.8x You can use custom node given by @Gui_Talarico(Thanks) and connect your dimension values to “Content” of the “FormAlert” node. Make sure your values are converted to string before connecting to “Content”

@Gui_Talarico I’ve installed the 2016.11.2702 version and the nodes look different :confused:

Thanks for pointing it out @salvatoredragotta !
should be fixed now (2016.11.2704)

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