How Can I merge an open Nurbs Surface?

Hello there,
I’ve an issue about an open nurbs surface.

I want to create a nurbs surface starting from a mesh imported by rhino via rhynamo plugin.

Therefore, I can create this but now I have an open nurbs surface.
However, I would like to merge this nurbs surface as to get a close surface.

How Can I merge it?

@stemilan96 ,

Can you get the geometry, you can get PerimeterCurves f.e.
than loft them

mmmhhh This dosen’t work to me.

I’ll show you my workflow:

So, I would like import a geometry mesh from Rhinocheros to Revit.
In addition, I would like transform these mesh in a solid object in Revit and I think .to intersect mesh via some planes

Therefore, I’ll make loft by perimeter.
The issue is curves obtains from perimeter are open then loft not work whit open curves.

In conclusion, to obtain a closes curves I need to close nurbs surface.