How can I make a "If node"

How can I make a “If node”
How can I make a “If node”
Trying to put out hangers for cable trays automaticly. I Wonder if its possible to use a “If Node”.
Example : If the cable tray has a cable bend, I want the first hangers to be 1. meter away from the bend and the hangers in between to 2.meter

try to use this syntax in a code block

statement ? true : false

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I’m quite new in Dynamo, can you explain a little more please?

The script looks like this

start here

Nothing there that can help me with my problem.
But thank you for trying

You asked for how to do a statement, that’s what I have been describing, and that is working. But if it solves your overall problem or not, is not to say. I only answered your question. Please be more precise in your request for help.

Please read also these posts carefully.

My problem with the script is that I want to make a script that says what’s in the cable tray, for example if the cable tray is 10m and has a bend at the end then I want the first hanger to be 2m away bend. And the rest of the stretch I want it to be 1m apart

Do you need to use an IF node for this? I haven’t seen your revit file so I’m not sure of your cable tray arrangement. This is just a quick script getting the points at equal lengths across the cable tray starting at an offset of 0.2 and ending at 0.8. Pretty swamped at the moment so i haven’t managed to separate them by metres but it gives you the right idea.

Very crude way of doing it but it works, again we haven’t seen your revit file so I can’t tell if an IF statement is needed:

Try this… this is exactly 2 meter from ends and 1 meter between… and no use of statements at all :slight_smile:
Home.dyn (6.6 KB)

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