How can I filter some type of item out of a list?


I put together his graph I found at LandArchBIM blog, but something odd is occurring. The point list is polluted with some function items, and I don’t know if its only because of that, but entering this list at Topography.byPoints node results in a “3 point needed for create toposurface” kind of warning.

How can I filter the non-point items from the list?

TesteSmoothTopo.rvt (3.9 MB)

selecionaTopoSuavizaPontosCriaNovaTopo.dyn (15.6 KB)

You need to convert the list to comparable objects (likely strings in this case) and then compare them against your filter to get a boolean response. You can use that with FilterByBoolMask to filter the elements into passing and failing elements.

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