How can i dynmao

How can I update the dynamo from in dynamo…if click the update Butten its closed with Revit. After that nothing happen.

You are better off downloading the latest version from here…

If you are using Revit 2020 and onwards, then the latest version is deployed via the Revit Updates.

I need 2.04 for Revit 2017. I can not find from here

I got it from here…

Dynamo 2.04

This is not a solution, I would NOT be downloading dynamo from any other place other than the Dynamo builds website I posted earlier (this has all the stable and daily builds) or via the DynamoBIM website’s download page. Who’s to say what you have downloaded hasn’t been modified in any way by a bad actor and has malicious intent.

Best to get directly from the source…


But its worked…As I told I can not find 2.04 in this link.

OK… Let me outline the risk here. What’s to say someone builds their own version of Dynamo from source, then writes their own code so that when the app starts up for the first time it downloads and installs (without your knowledge) some type of virus, keylogger/tracker or worm and then they put this build on their blog for all to download?

You can see the risk. So no, just because “it works”, doesn’t mean it’s legit. In my opinion, you should only be downloading from the official link I sent. If you have issues with that, please wait for a resolution from someone from autodesk. But of course, this is your own system and is your call what you install.

NOTE: I have used the installer from the Dynamo builds page for 2.0.4 for Revit 2017-2019 and it works fine.


2.0.4 definitely exists on dynamo builds - it’s right at the top of the page under stable builds.
I agree with Daniel.

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got it…thanks