How can I combine rooms and a new roomnumber?

Hello Dynamos,

I use the “cartasianproduct.” Is there a better way?

I am glad about any help :slight_smile:

in a codeblock:

nameList + "-" + numberList;

Input your lists accordingly.

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So the “cartasian” Stuff does not serve for this topic? is it more for numerical issuses or vectors?

Cartesian product is the mathematical term from what most Dynamo users understand as cross-product lacing. Cartesian product works on sets of data, and in the context of dynamo, these sets can be any data type you like. All you want to do is what I call ‘corresponding indexing’ (this is terminology borrowed from a much more sophisticated comp design tool called GenerativeComponents) so A > A, B > B, etc instead of A > (A, B), B > (A, B) and so on which is what Cartesian product will do.

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