HighlightInView option of UI.Listview of Data-Shapes running very slow

I am testing a filtered element list from Revit 2017 sample file rme_advanced_sample_project with the HighlightInView option of UI.Listview of Data Shapes. I have about 75 elements in the list, but the HighlightInView options takes a long time to highlight a single element in the view.

Is there a fix for this or are there any other similar nodes that I can do this with?

Hi @sajithwetta ,
thanks for your message. I have noticed that as well unfortunately. I’m not sure why It became so slow and didn’t have time to investigate that lately, but I will defitintely try and do that over the weekend because a new version of the package will be published next week. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have any updates?

Hi @sajithwetta!
Sorry for the delay :smile:
An update improving the performance of hilighting in view will be done tomorrow! I’ll let you know

Okay version 2019.2.7 solves the issue! :slight_smile:
There are some more goodies in the package that I’ll document in a dedicated post (some 2.0 specific nodes and a builtin view extension!!)
Let me know what you think !

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Great work mate! That is one great improvement for the package which will facilitate many people from different fields of AEC. Thank you :slight_smile:
Looking forward to use the view extension as well.

I’m afraid the highlight in view still does not work smoothly for some projects, do you have any suggestions? It worked perfectly with the Revit sample file rst_advanced_sample_project.

The method used this time is the built-in showelements method. Does it take very long to run? Does it take longer than clicking on the element id in a watch node?

Takes longer than the watch node. The option of ‘Show’ under ‘Select by ID’ in the inquiry section of Manage tab is the fastest, but it only allows a single ID at a time which is very inconvenient. I don’t know the method used there.

I also found out that the built-in showelements method is slower in this forum, and the suggestion was to use boundingBoxXYZ and UIView class.

That’s exactly how it was done before :slight_smile:
what takes the most time is to find the views the element is in (in case it’s not in the current view). That’s why it got slow at some point.
I’ve been doing quite some research on the topic and have some ideas that I’ll keep working on. For now nothing seems to beat showelements…

What kind of element are you trying yo highlight?

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wow, is that so. :slight_smile:
I was trying to filter some elements by masks and later select the in the UI. Elements such as stairs or MEP equipment.

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi Is it possible to make it search only with in the current view (would be fast if the user is able to create a 3D view consisting all elements prior to running this)?

Currently it is a bit rough even if the element is in the current view.

Something like that could definitely be made. I’ll post modified versions of the ui++ and listview nodes for you to test out

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Thanks, looking forward to test it :slight_smile:

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi were you able to do any modifications?

Hello @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi
I am using Revit 2019 and DataShapes version (2021.2.93)… for some reason when I hit the list of items they do not highlight in the Revit view…! The items to be highlighted are Revit 2D detail lines, so i wonder if it only works with Revit 3D families…!!

… needles to say, thank you for the efforts in developing this package.