Hiding Filled Region in dependent view

I have filled regions in a group for making a “transparent wipe-out” of objects that is a part of other dependent views close to this views boundaries (scope box is square, and the areas i need is not). And its hundreds of these views that needs to hide the Filled Region that is covering the part that i want to show without a filled region.

I’ve made a dynamo selecting and filtering every view i want to do this on. So they are on a separate list. I also have a list of filled regions, but i struggle to make a list of all filled regions that needs to be hided in every view in the other list.

The mapping between views and filled regions is the comments in filled regions has the name of the views scope box.

I then need to get every filled region containing the comments that is equal to my views scope box (because the filled region is duplicating for every Primary view). and hide all these regions in my views.

Do anyone know how to solve this problem?