Hiding Elements in Views

I’m trying to do my first Dynamo routine to hide an element in all views but one. To do this I’m trying to understand how to filter lists better. But I’m kind of stuck trying to get my one visible selected view to be seen as part of a list (see lower left hand corner of attached image). Can anyone help clarify how I can get my single view to be part of a list of one item so it can be cross referenced with the larger list of all views?

Also, moving forward I would recommend that you create topics with a proper title and not use something like Super Noob Question!


Super Noob Title. :grinning:


For others,
AmolShah makes a very good point. A proper title helps with GOOGLE search results, the closer the title is to the actual question, the better the search results are for others seeking the same answer. No one looks for “Noob” anything.

One of my pet peeves is ‘blah’ titles that have great topics and solutions.

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Bit off-topic (well, not reletaed to OP), but i have more more trouble finding answers on these forums by the day because some questions get asked over and over and only a small percentage got an answer in it. These forums can use a serious clean up if you ask me…

Nothing but gratitude for the solve. No disrespect intended. I normally represent on the title more conscientiously and will endeavor to do so next time. It was kind of him to help despite this failing. I’ve tried editing the title but it does not seem to give me an option to save the edit on my phone. I’ll try at the office.