Hide node names by zoom level - adjustment possible?

depending on the zoom level, the node names are (not) shown. Is there a option to show always the names regardless of the zoom level?

No, but I’m interested… Can you show us what you think it’d look like? I’m concerned it could get illegible real quick.

Depending on a slider setting, the node names are shown until a selected zoom level:


If you set the slider to “zoom max”, the node names are never hidden, regardless of the zoom factor. If you set it to “zoom min” the node names are always hidden.

For example if you have the slider between zoom level 5 and 6 it will be like that:

Zoom level 5:

Zoom level 6:

Could be realized in a similar manner to the existing options:


Zoom all the way out on that graph so you see every node and show what the text would look like though. Would you be able to read anything? Feels like it’ll make a bigger mess there than works.

it depends on your monitor resolution if you can read it. I work with a surface with 3000x2000 and I need to zoom too far into the graph to see the names

This is likely why it wasn’t included. There is always a longer/larger graph which will put a strain on the graphics card calculating node names and wires which are illegible after a certain scale. May be worth upping the point at which the text disappears a few ticks though.

From the looks of your workspace examples, the node spacing you are using is quite large.

Placing nodes closer, making custom definitions to simplify input, and ‘Node to Code’ could save you a lot of Workspace real-estate (meaning less zooming around the place)

Have a look at this article on ‘Reducing Wires’ :+1: