Help with this python plz

What I’m trying to do is to check to three lists.

List a= duct 1, duct2… duct n

List b= Room 1, Room 2…Room n

List c= (true, false. true)(true, true, false)…

So, for

Duct 1 check if list c is true , then get Room 1.

Duct 1 check if list c is true, then get Room 2.

Dusct 1 check if list c is true, then get Room n.

I did sth, but I can’t check for each room.


Thks for your time

I’ve solve one of my issues with this python:


Now the result of the python is:

I would like to group the result and just get:

[0]list: [0] H1-H2

[1]List: [0] H1-H3

[2]List: [H1


this could be done with a node that is in archi-lab package. It’s called “String from List” and works like this:

I am sorry about posting after you have figured this out, but it seems like it will be all for the best. :slight_smile:

Thks Konrad!

You should be able to accomplish this with just the OOTB nodes:


THks everyone