Help with revit API docs

How do i create a ribbon item class object… from what i see it has no public constructors

It looks like you can neither construct a RibbonItem nor RibbonItemData object. Instead, you have to use a more specific class, such as PushButtonData, which inherits everything from RibbonItemData e.g. RibbonPanel.AddItem(PushButtonData). This will add a PushButton to your RibbonPanel. Here is an example from Autodesk (written in C#, but straightforward enough).

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I’m curious, how would it work if you tried to create a ribbon using Dynamo and Python. Would it only last until the run ends (basically instantly) or would it actually install it?

I would expect it to stay in the UI for as long as the application is open, but if you close Revit and reopen it, it wouldn’t be there. However, I doubt the button would actually be able to function once it has run as you’re no longer actively subscribing to any events.