Help with fence script for Revit 2017

I started with this discussion but Sol Amour’s script didn’t work so I merged his script with some other script and it works except is throws an error “AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints operation failed. The arguments have issues” for the first segment of the fence. You can see the error in this screenshot. Could you please tell me how to fix it, is it something to do with Revit 2017?

@raivis.kampenuss What is the watch output from the final line of DesignScript? What you’ll need effectively is 2x lists of points for each family to be place. These lists have to match numbers wise. These points correlate to the 2x placement points of your Adaptive Family.

I created this screen video of what I have. I looked at the lists and they have points there.

I had a quick look at the definition (Downloaded from the link I provided). It will need some tweaking to get right again as it’s a pretty old legacy definition.

This will be due to some of the 1.X changes that swept through the API (Some nodes changed name/function a little).

Have a go at re-creating it using the current DesignScript (or Nodal) paradigm and put your questions in here? :slight_smile:

If you throw all questions at me using the @Sol_Amour syntax, they will come to my email.

This was my first Dynamo script, I see what I can do. Can you give me a hint on what I should focus?

Ah, then this is a pretty heavy one to start with. You can have a go at recreating it step-by-step. Simply search in the node library for the keywords of the DesignScript and try re-create it within nodes.

I see… well that makes me feel better because I didn’t go to sleep this night… But did learn quite a bit lol. Thanks.