Help me to insert value under list

Hello All Sir! I have a trouble with my scrip. I would like to insert “2d16” under line have value. Like this picture. Thank you so much! God bless you!


So perhaps you can help us define your rule?

Maybe… ‘if there is 1 false, insert value x at the next index’
or… ‘if 2 trues, insert value x at the first index’

Then we can try and make nodes to do what you want? :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Mark! You are my hero.
I would like to ínsert the “2d16” under [1] and [6]. Because [1] and [6] have value.
This way, ------> if there is false, insert value x at the next index
If they are have full value, we will do not insert.
Thank you so much! My English is so bad. I can not say or transfor my mine to you what did I do.
Thank you for help!

ok, so there is a little error catching which makes it a little complicated.

i think, in general, if you can map out and expand your rule by making groups…

…you can then start to fill in the groups using nodes…

hopefully this does what you need :slight_smile:


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