HELP! how to turn the "integer slider" into a parameter of adaptative family?

I tried to create a model generic adaptive_ family by using dynamo, I have created what I need, all forms change synchronously according to a single parameter, “Height”.

But the problem here is I don’t know how to turn the “integer slider” into a parameter that can be adjusted when a family is loaded into the project, or to associate it with the already created “Height” parameter.

If anyone has advice, I would really appreciate it.

Link file dynamo :

Dynamo will only modify the element when the graph is run. Can you explain what you think your workflow would look like so that we can get a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish?

I want to create a family model generic adaptative with the shape like above, only one data input is “height” , all other parameters like radius, pitch difference, etc, all change following the “height”.
I will use this family to load into the project and use the dynamo to change the family height parameter in order to varier the distribution, and the shape of models.

The problem now is that I used “integer slider” for input data and I don’t know how to convert it to family parameter.

The input is just an input. You use it to drive a parameter value. So if height is your parameter then you need to use Element.SetParameterByName to set the height value with the input from the number slider.

Hi @trinhquochuyarch ,
As @Nick_Boyts recommended, you need to use the node Element.SetParameterByName…

Another proposal is, to assign the Integer Slider node as an “Input” (By right clicking on it and choose “Est une entrée”).

For the other nodes which can show the user some useful information, you can indicate them as “Resulat effectif”
And then use Dynamo Player to execute the script ? Like this the user can have the possibility to test several times different Height values and therefore decide the best version.

To my knowledge, the Element.SetParameterByName node is used to adjust the parameter of a family in the project file, while my job is to build a family, so it doesn’t really work the way I hoped.
I thought I might have to build a revit family the usual way (without dynamo) and use the parameter height to be able to adjust it with the dynamo in the project file. It is not possible for me to directly create parameters in the family file right now.
If you think it’s possible, please send me a dynamo for the same case example, I’m really grateful.
Anyway, thanks a lots for your reply.

Dynamo can also be used as a way to set Family Parameters, not just Instance Parameters
Use Element.ElementTypes to access these parameters.
Starting Dynamo when you have already opened the Family can also help