Help Deleting All Levels In Model


I am looking for some help on how to delete all of the existing levels and grids in my model using Dynamo. When I run the attached dynamo script it will delete all of the grids but not all the levels. It will delete only Level 2. Level 1 for some reason will not delete even after I select the level in 3D and press “Delete” on my keyboard. Does anyone know how to delete all of the Levels using Dynamo?Delete Levels and Grids.dyn (25.1 KB) Test_Revit 2019.rvt (340 KB)

Thank you

It will mean deletion of all floor plans too, that is not possible, you’ll need at least one.
BTW. all that is modeled on levels is gone too, or is lost somehow.

Thanks for the reply. Our office uses a template file with a few grids, columns, levels, etc. I am able to select all the levels within the 3D view and delete them successfully but not in Dynamo. I have a Dynamo script that brings in the Levels and Grids from a linked model but it does not work correctly if the levels and grids are not deleted first.

I believe a Revit project model with no level can only be obtained by corrupting the data.

Last time I checked you need one view (schedules and legends count) and one level (typically level 1 is what people leave behind).