Help Converting C# code to Python

hashset is working . what about serviceID. how can we retreive it?


People tend to appreciate it if you say thanks and like their solution :slight_smile:

You haven’t shown me any of your code or your graph, so I don’t know how best to help.

In future I would recommend creating a new post and linking to this topic, rather than reviving one that is a couple of years old.

You could then show us your workings and upload files, which allow us to test a solution before we give it to you.

That said…

If you click through, it tells you that ServiceId is a property of the FabricationService…


So hopefully you already have the Fabrication Service and can either feed it in with GetParameterValueBy Name node, or python something like this?

serviceId = FabricationService.ServiceId

As I said above, I can’t test this code as I don’t have any test files to work with.

Hope that helps,