[Help] Can't remove units using SIUnit.Value node


Hi everyone!


I’m trying to remove the units from a custom node that enables me to take “Type Parameters” from my Revit families.



Sorry for the double post, the edit button does not seem to work. The warning says “Dereferencing a non-pointer”


Hello Wulfrum,

You can directly pass output of String.Remove to String.ToNumber, you don’t need SIUnit.Value.

If that doesn’t work, then please add screen shot with Preview expanded.




Hi Ritesh,

I tried your suggestion but to no avail.



maybe you show your data and definition.

i doubt that your string is representing just digits???


Hello Wulfrum,

Can you attach output of String.Remove to watch node and post scree shot. I want to see what is the output from your Custom Node (TypeParameter.FrmFamilyInstance) as well from your String.Remove Node