Heat load calculations with Dynamo

I am wondering if anybody has some experience with heat load calculations within Dynamo. I would like to make heat load calculations with Dynamo and I am trying to build something but it is pretty complex. So I am looking for scripts or advice.

Thanks in advance!

@gdemol Small sample files and screenshots always help.
In fact, it’s expected and you’re unlikely to get a response without something more than a description of your problem.

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@Vikram_Subbaiah I am sorry, I already did in another post Take Area of each floor inside Space I was just wondering if anybody has some experience.

@gdemol Sure you posted the correct link above?
I don’t see any mention of heat loads there .

@Vikram_Subbaiah You are so fast, thanks!

Yeah. In my last reply I said: ‘It is my intention to get the area’s of all elements that enclose a Space to use them in (heat load) calculations.’ That was one of the problems I had (with the floors).

Actually this post was just to ask if anybody has ever made heat load calculations with Dynamo. But I get it, I have to come up with problems, not general questions. Thanks anyway!

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Hi @gdemol

Try this. Should get you area of the elements inside each spaces.


Hi @Kulkul

Thanks! Not exactly what I wanted but I thought this could work. And it does, but not on floors for example. It works for pipes:

But not for floors:

The output is: AttributeError: ‘Location’ object has no attribute ‘Curve’. Any idea what causes this?

In the meantime there is already another solution for my problem (to get the elements that enclose/are adjacent to a Space like floors): Take Area of each floor inside Space