GUID of Linked View

Hello all,

I am grabbing a bunch of views from a Linked RVT and getting their GUID to coordinate views in the Active model. Does the Active model give the Linked Views their own GUID or does it get the GUID from the views host model?


You could open the linked model and check the GUID against the main model. It would seem like it would give it one per the main model to make sure there aren’t conflicts.

I will do that tomorrow. Thanks @SeanP. I should have thought of that myself but this way there will be a post for others who have the same question.

Guids are unique to the host document only, which unfortunately means, that you could experience identical guids when working with multiple documents.

See this post from jeremy for further explanation:

Thanks for the Link @MartinSpence.

After Pulling the views from the host file and getting their GUID and pulling the same views from the host file’s link and getting their GUID’s again I can say they are the same. Sorry for not doing this in the first place @SeanP.

Just a heads up for other according to the link Martin provided you can have the same GUID for a linked View and for a live VIew in the current model. So if you are pulling the GUID’s of linked Views make sure you know what file it came from because other linked files can have the same GUID as well.