Grouping Items together

I am trying to find out if there is a way of grouping two objects together utilizing dynamo. We are working on a space planning script to help us program a building. Currently we have an excel file that gives program area, room name, and differentiates each department via a color. All of this information is being plugged into a revit family we have dubbed “planning cube.” currently though, once we fully develop the excel spreadsheet, there will be hundreds of these cubes and no way of knowing which cube is which unless we click on it. So using another script I found on here, i was able to use a model text family to label each cube, but the model text just sits at the same coordinate as the cube, and the items do not move together. I was wondering if there is a way to group the “planning cube” family and the model text family through dynamo so as we move each item, the label moves with it OR is there a way to directly add a label to the surface of the cube without having to use model text. The image shows the two items we would like to group together. Here is the script that we have been working on: Chinworth Planning_v2. I apologize if this post shows up multiple times, I have tried posting this a couple of times and it does not seem to show up anywhere.











Hi, Why not just do the cube as a tag - enabled family and tag it? That way the tag will always follow the cube. You can add the content of the tag to the instance’s comments parameter for example. Or is it because you’d like to see the text in a 3d view?

Ideally we would like to be able to see it in 3D view. This would allow us to be able to move around the model in the 3D view and see the relationships between the cubes in all of the views.

Robert, we’re doing the exact same thing here. Why not just have your 3d text in the same family as the “planning cube”?

I had tried adding the text into the model family before, but could not figure out how to get that text to report anything other than the default text. This is the first script I’ve worked on before, so I am fairly new to the dynamo game. Danny, did you guys have luck getting the model text within the family to report your program names?

It’s basically just adding an instance parameter to the family, tying that to the modeled txt, then using a set parameter node in dynamo to pull the line from excel and into the actual revit project.

Thank you Danny. I had tried it before and did not take it far enough, but I was able to figure it out prior to reading your latest reply. Nesting model text within the base family was the more simple way to go.