Group elements by proximity

Hi all,

I’m trying to number generic models by proximity, I did it using the “Geometry.distanceto” node and it works, but the sequence of numbers are not perfect.

The elements that I want to number are like this picture:

The numbers are a little mess. The mark 1.7 is in the left, and the mark 1.10 is on the right side when it compers to 1.1 Mark.

This is because all elements are referenced by the 1.1 Mark, and it makes a Radius around to the first point.

I wanted to choose one element to be the 1.1 Mark and then find the most proximity point to be the 1.2 Mark, then find the nearest point of 1.2 to be the 1.3 Mark, and successively until the number of indexes is done.


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Try to sort out the generic model by location points ( sort by function and use Point. x for example)

Hello Rafael.

Did you get? I have a problem similitar to yours. If you did, please help me