Grid line name

Hi Every one,

How could I create a script that can name each item with its own grid line location as shown in the picture?

Thank you.

What have you tried so far? This picture just shows 1 value. Could you describe more like how many grids you have vertically and horizontally, what’s your end goal, etc…

Grid Location Stamper-1.dyn (138.4 KB)

Dear @titomoura,
I have made script which reflect grid name and distance from that grid in the comment section.
you can modify this script as per you requirement.

Sagar Jain

Thank you for replying. I’ve got this script, but it isn’tstill what I want to achieve. As shown in this picture I need to get the start point and end point(it depends if it is vertial or horizontal) and the perpendicular position. In this case in the picture is 3-4/D(star point - end point / Perpendicular axi)
In this script that I’ve got it picks the intercetion point, 3/D.

Edited FamilyNearestGridLocation.dyn (54.2 KB)