Gradient fritted glass_on my railing glass

I was wondering if it’s possible to have a gradient pattern inside( or on surface) of my railing glass. Is it possible to assign it in my railing family , so that it’s parametric once I place my railings in a revit project?

Gradient frit glass

GradientFrittedPanel.dyn will work with Railing: Glass Panel - Bottom Fill (One of the railings in the default metric template)

Should work with other panel based railings too, but I haven't tested it.


That’s great, thanks so much!

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It’s awesome, your steps are a bit too advanced for me…
Where do I get “Function-Gradient Fritted Glass Panel” from?

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I guess my Dynamo is out of date, that’s why I cant follow your steps. Thanks a bunch anyways.

The link in my post (GradientFrittedPanel.dyn)should allow you to download the entire dynamo definition (including the function).

The Dynamo version I’ve used is DynamoInstall0.8.2.20150610T0045.exe

It’s the latest available daily build, as of now. Available on the download page.

I updated my dynamo and your provided script worked. Thanks! Another quick question…
When I assigned the fritted pattern onto the railing panels and then when I moved my railing, the fritted pattern didn’t follow. I had to pick every panel individually to delete. Is there any way to select them all in one shot? How would I assign material to the pattern?

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Here is a file in which the panels are joined: GradientFrittedPanel.dyn

Unfortunately you won’t be able to assign materials :frowning:

You could try using the node ‘Element.OverrideColorInView’ as a work around for color in shaded views. But you won’t be able to render with a material.


Hi Mr. Vikram,
Can you upload the same file again, if it would be too much trouble for you? Thank you in advance.