GPUCache folder

Has anyone else seen a GPUCache folder get created in the same directory as the .dwg? The contents of the folder are five files called data_0, data_1, data_2, data_3, and index. They don’t have extensions and show a bunch of garbage when opening them in Notepad. Usually I just delete the folder and there are no issues, but it always reappears and gets very annoying to repeatedly delete.

Also note that I can’t delete the folder while Dynamo is running, so that’s why I’m pretty confident that it is coming from Dynamo.

That is where Dynamo saves the cache for the current proces.
I hope it will be autodeleted or placed in a given location in a future release.

OK thanks. I agree, it would definitely be better if it was autodeleted or placed somewhere else. It always appears in the folder structure for our projects and then other people don’t know where it came from or what to do with it. Do you know if there is any type of idea board for Dynamo, or some other place to suggest improvements to developers?

Just mention @JacobSmall :slight_smile:

The forum in general works for Dynamo issues. I flag development as needed (I’m not actually on the Dynamo team or even a developer), and the Dynamo development team is also always here.

In this case the issue at hand is very closely related to how the Dynamo integration is written by Civil 3D, so asking on the Civil3D ideas station might be a good idea:

I’ll try and flag this with that development team either way, but post back here if you make an idea station request so we can track it and gauge the need better.

Thanks @JacobSmall. I posted an idea on the Civil 3D Idea Board:

Vote it up guys!

Voted. Though I rather consider this as a bug, not a wish :wink: