'GPS' Co-ordinance Within a 'Panel' Family

Hi all I’m new to Dynamo and am trying to get to grips with putting together my first script, so apologies if this is an easy one I’m missing!

  • i have a Wall panel family in which i am trying to add 4 Parameters to Pick up the X/Y of the each end of the panel to allow them to orientate on site.

  • my original attempt was to create a small generic model to nest in the family at each end and use a Getlocation script with a Setparameterbyname to publish the co-ordinance

this didnt work once nested in the family as i received a ‘Read only’ error for the parameter.

is there a way to get 2 X/Y coordinance from 2 different points in a single family?


Can share some screenshots?



see below:


generic model panel family, 2 points dictate GPS co-ordinance required

queries are:

  1. How do i confirm where dynamo is getting the location point from
  2. how do i add a second location point

first attempt at script

apologies for the second reply, i can only embed 1 image at a time

you can also use Clockwork - Element.Location+

very interesting! thank you, how would i use that to add custom points to a family to take x/y values from?