Global parameter reference values from Dynamo to excel then to estimating excel document

We have decided to try to create a flexible proposal parking structure based on certain criteria. This was achieved by using global parameters and families with nested items. The VP of the engineering department would like us to pull the global parameters and the values to the estimating excel sheet.

I have tried creating one and watching tutorial videos showing how to pull data from Revit using Dynamo and then creating the excel sheet, but I am currently having no luck. We currently have scheduled the total values, ie…total volumes for concrete footings, number of columns/beams required, total stalls and so forth. I am unsure as to export the schedules to Dynamo and then to the excel estimating document or try and gather the Families with the data to Dynamo and then to the reference excel document for estimating.

See below image below for the current global parameters we are looking to pull data from;

if required, I can upload the Revit file or the Dynamo script.

Thanks again for any tips and advice!