Glitch on my end? Missing Parameters when Collecting Views

I feel really stupid for asking this, and I hope I’m missing something really simple: I can’t get at super basic parameters of views. For some reason View Name and Dependency among others are not available parameters to access when collected using Categories-All-Elements of Category-Element.GetParameterValueByName.

Plan views with dependent views? or Section Views?
Can you please expand on the nodes where you perceive the error?

The error is that the OOTB identity data appears to be missing from the list of parameters of the views when accessed in this way:

Also, I’ve been experiencing inconsistencies when working similarly to what you have pictured - Nodes display warnings and either return incomplete info or completely nulls.I’m trying to understand why this seems to be hidden or only partially accessible.

All views is a very broad category. Start a new model, and delete all views but one, then try that script. Notice you gonna get a lot more than one view. These other documents aren’t normal views so they have different parameters than what you are tryin to get. This is why you’re seeing inconsistent behavior. The wide net is catching more than just the type of view you want.

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