Give name to each object I made

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Firstly, I created cubes at the specified points. (the following figure) And I would like to give a different name to each object I made. The names are anything fine.(e.g. 1,2,3,4,… )How can I do that?

You using dynamo studio or dynamo Revit? if its a Revit what is the parameter you are going to reflect the name?

Well you need to export it into Revit… So here’s one way:

This can be done without going into Revit.

Create dictionary and leverage the objects by name that way. This is something I often do when creating generative studies as you can pack more info into the object in a consistent way.

A design script example Dictionary.ByKeysValues("Name"+(1..DSCore.List.Count(cuboids)), cuboids); (that may not be perfect: I’m without Dynamo for the day as I am traveling - you can see info on creating a dictionary here though:

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Hi @JacobSmall. It is possible to give a name to the point I create in Dynamo?

You could add each point to a dictionary if you wanted, which would allow calling for a point by a name. Now the drawback to this is that the locations won’t be visible, nor will the points be editable or usable on any way if you don’t first ask for them by name.

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if create the points by mass in Revit, then you can give the name for the each points.

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Good point!

I will say that this feels as of there is a bigger issue at play, and that likely the process set could be simplified.

Having to ask for point A136492 in any way isn’t going to help much.

can you please make a little example?

I believe he he referring to working in the adaptive and massing environment, where you can create point objects and add parameters to them, similar to system and loadable families in the project environment. Note the last parameter given in this table:


very cool thanks

but when I try to add a reference point it is written that they can only be added in a family document…

Family document or massing environment is required to place reference points. Let’s close out the discussion her and focus on the other thread as the disjointed conversation is not helping anyone.