Getting all Elements of type within a bounding box

Hi all,

Is there a node that list all elements of type within a bounding box for version version 1.2. I’m not after an element.bounding box.


Elements_Within_Points.dyn (9.8 KB)


This isn’t exactly what you are after i don’t think but you might be able to alter it to get the out put you desire.

This will out put elements of a specific category that are within 4 points.


Hi all, it’s apparently also possible to check if elements are into selected bounding boxes, by their insertion points or by their own bounding box:

Is there a way to show, the element that are true not just as a bool?


Filter by boolean mask will do it, I guess

Have look here and use Elements in Room

@James_Washbourne Similar topic is discussed here How to get the elements inside a boundingbox?