Get XYZ dimensions of Revit element groups

I’m sure there’s a simple solution I’m not sseing:

I have some Revit groups, as displayed in the picture (these particular ones each contain a stair).
I would like to get their outer dimensions, the XY&Z dimensions of the parallelepiped enclosing the block. The output could be just a list with 3 numbers…
Have you got any idea?

Have you tried getting the boundingbox of these objects? (Or the extents)

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In your case what are those blue boxes made of?
Are they part of the family?
Are they Scope Boxes?
Are they Section Boxes?

Thanks Daan!
Element.BoundingBox was the answer!

To reply also to bvs1982: the blue boxes are just the selection boxes displayed in revit.

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great to hear :slight_smile:

Thought so, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t something else.
Happy you got a solution :+1:.

Be careful here, getting the BoundingBox will screw up the results for Groups that are placed in a non-orthoganal way.


Personally i prefer adding XYZ values as parameters to the Family (so you can Schedule them too in Revit).

XY being width and height of the Stairs footprints and Z the height of the Stairs.

But if you don’t wanna do that maybe create a Solid / Cuboid from the Stairs and go from there?

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I have only perpendicular configurations, so in this case it’s not a problem