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I am trying to list a view template’s properties so that I can compare then with another. I have done multiple searches online and haven’t found anything that mentions anything about templates beyond listing them and deleting unsused. Both of which were very helpful, but I would still like to list the properties of some templates so that I don’t have to compare manually. I realize this is a lot of data, but I am hoping I will be able to use a compare node to review automatically, or to kick it out to excel to do so. Is listing the properties of a template possible?


Yes, it is. View Template is “almost” the same as regular view so for the most part it has all of the same properties. Can you tell us what exactly are you interested in? Is it just a list of Properties that given View Template “controls”? Please be more specific.

Yes, I want to list the Properties that a view template is controlling. For example what model elements are hidden or have overrides in a given template. or which Revit links have been hidden or overridden in a given template. I recognize that I may have to break this down by section, but I am not sure how to access these setting.

I’m in the same boat, I’m looking to devise a View Template Compare tool, the project has become filled with View Templates each named in a similar way. I’d like to know the differences between each, then make a decision to either replace the View Template with a STANDARD or keep it in the project. The inquiry, should also let me know what Views are assigned to which View Templates and possibly even which Views have been assigned Partially loaded View Templates? Thank you

I am still waiting on an answer on this as well. I believe it requires a python script. The last part of your question though is achievable with a view schedule. (although I am not sure what you mean by partially loaded view templates. Do you mean which items aren’t included in the template?). If you still want to include that in your dynamo script, This section talks shows a solution for selecting all view templates Delete view templates not in use
There is probably a way to get which view is applied with some edits to this script, but This is as far as I have gotten so far.

I appreciate the response. To clarify, the “partially” loaded View Template, we use a separate View Template to control the Revit links that come from the other consultants on the team. So, you can’t really see the template we’ve applied, other than the one seen in the Properties Panel (right click over the “sheet” view name and Apply Template Properties…) This would also allow us to make sure we’ve applied the desired view template to the selected view. Ah, programming sooo fun! Cheers!

This is an interesting topic. From a QA point of view it would be very handy to be able to compare the settings of two different view templates - at a basic level just reporting what parts are checked along with their associated values, e.g. scale, detail level, view range, color scheme etc.

At a deeper level if it was possible to get a list of what categories are turned off and what overrides have been applied, then that would be amazing…

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This is something I, too, would very much like to see, although I have not yet mastered Python to the point where I can provide an answer. Has anyone had any luck with this since?

Not yet, but if I figure it out outside of this forum I will post it. I need to enlist some programmers for help.
Keith’s post would be really useful as well.

Anyone crack this one yet?

We solved it using Python and a Power BI data collector instead of using Dynamo.


Having the same problem, but it’s sorry that this thread has only questions and no accessible solution …

Still hoping for a download …

There are things that are exposed and things that are not exposed (via the API).


  • Phases
  • view range
  • scale
  • detail level
  • category overrides
  • worksets

Not exposed:

  • linked models
  • design options

So it’s only partially possible to compare view templates.

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Thanks Konrad

so for me the most important parts could be reached …

How did you solve the View Template comparison with Python and Power BI?

@agustavson, I was wondering the same thing? Could you share?

I had our inhouse programmer create it, so I can’t share the code, however, Ideate has a new plug in called Style manager that actually does it better than our tool. We have been using that instead. The Ideate Tools are well worth the cost. They are also really great at incorporating feedback and creating tools that are needed.