Get the geometry data from elements written to a text file


I have a little bit of a problem trying to write data to a text file. The issue is that I can’t figure out how to work with the data I get.
I thought I’d stringify the data. I was able to do that for just one line using the “String from Object”-block, but now I do have over 10k lines of points so that doesn’t help me. (UPDATE: Used “stringify” by mistake instead of “str”.

I’d essentially need the data written to be the ID, the name and the point so that I can investigate the data further with python, but I’m a little stuck at the first step.

Not too impressively I’m stuck here.

I tried to get the type of the incoming data to perhaps understand how to work with this but I got the output “ironpython.runtime.types.pythontype” which I unfortunately don’t understand, not even with the help of Google.

you can try a watch+ node from which you can select and copy to clipboard. Springs package i think

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I somehow don’t find it :confused:

But I ran “str(IN)” on it and wrote this to the text file so I can work with this for a start:

Seems like I messed up a bit with “str” vs “stringify”.

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Thanks! Had the wrong package. I had “SpringsUI”, not “spring nodes” which had this one. :slight_smile: