Get RxClass

I’m trying to get the RxClass for Civil object types.

rxClass = RXClass.GetClass(type(otype))

where otype is the various Civil object types (“Corridor”, “Alignment”, etc…)

This is resulting in the an “IndexError: Index was outside the bounds of the array”

I need the RxClass to create various other functions.

Any ideas on what I’m missing?

@keith.sowinski did you try something like this?

rxclass = RXClass.GetClass(Corridor)
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I did. It says “Expected Type, got Str”.

In C#, it would be RXClass.GetClass(typeof(Corridor)), but typeof() does not work in Python, so that’s where I substituted typy(). Maybe that’s where the issue is??

no… it means you passed a string, can you test exactly what I wrote?

I’m trying to create a folder, so I need the RxClass for the various types. What would I input besides the object type string?

What you wrote works! Like you said, my input was a string.